Posted by Reaver - 23/05/16 02:09AM - 1/52/53/54/55/5

Game Version : 12

  • Each Delta Room Clear Quest will reward 10 x War Avatar Pack Delta
  • Duty Badge quest will give now 2 x Duty Badge's
  • Time to craft Disabled Cog of Fate  (Cube of Fate Room 60) its now 1 minute
  • Receive Cog of Fate quest will reward 2 x Rotating Cog of Fate now (Cube Of Fate)
  • Bounty Hunter II and III daily quests rewards increased: 2 x Exp, 3k Reputation and 1 x One Big Note
  • Palace of Nirvana requires now minimum 3 people to enter (normal and cast) 
  • Twilight Temple requires now minimum 3 people to start the instance now
  • Lieutenant Li has the option to exchange now 100 Merit Badges Class 1-5
  • Commander-in-chief has the option to exchange now 1000 Wraith Officer's Badges
  • Wraith Officer BadgesMerit Badges and Potions had their stacks increased
  • War Avatar Reset Kwei will give War Avatar Pack 2nd Chance instead of War Avatar Artifact when players exchange War Avatar Cards S cards on him
  • Black HenbanePalo HerbValdia RootCrane HerbOx Bezoa herbs have now chance 90% to reward 10 pieces or 10% to reward 20 pieces, digging time was lowered to 2-5 seconds from 5-10 seconds
  • Ring of Trauma was removed from R9 packs
  • Fashion Packs will give 100% 27 or 28 fashion items (fashion, weapon fashion, mounts, smilies, flyers), their price also was changed and the new fashion items are non-tradeable, they can be put in Account Stash or sold to NPC's
  • New Color Packs had its rate increased and has been added to WebShop Fashion category
  • All packs in WebShop are non-tradeable now


Posted by Reaver - 17/05/16 07:29PM - 1/52/53/54/55/5

  • Added Rank9 Gear Packs in WebShop
  • Added Dragon Orb Flame Pack in WebShop
  • DevilwoodTiery HerbScented FungusWhite BerryWorm SproutsTulipTiger Ear HerbLongern Herb have now chance 90% to reward 10 pieces or 10% to reward 20 pieces, digging time was lowered to 2-5 seconds from 5-10 seconds
  • New Characters start now in normal world


Posted by Reaver - 12/05/16 12:27PM - 1/52/53/54/55/5

  • Added 5 New Fashion Packs in WebShop
  • Added 1 New Color Pack that contains new colors
  • Re-add Returned Warrior in WebShop (Holy Blessing potion was removed from the pack)
  • Adv. Endless Universe Quest (AEU)  rewards now 1 x Jade Dragon Note's
  • Jade Dragon Order Quest (AEU) rewards now 12 x Jade Dragon Order's 
  • Order of Blades Quest (EU) rewards now 3572 x Element Spirit's (equivalent of 100 game gold when sold to npc and exhanged using DQ custom system)


Posted by Reaver - 25/04/16 06:14PM - 1/52/53/54/55/5

  • War Avatar Pack WebShop drop rate of A and S cards it's fixed, it will drop totaly random cards and can be put in Account Stash now
  • Adv. Endless Universe will reward now 2 Jade Dragon Note's
  • Endless Dragon-Emperor Chest skill books chance was increased from 0.2% to 0.4%
  • Fashion Patch Phase 1 will be also delivered today, please run AbyssWarsPWLauncher.exe and let PW Launcher update all the files needed for fashion update. Fashion Packs will come later on this week in a different maintenance/update.

Posted by Reaver - 14/04/16 06:20AM - 1/52/53/54/55/5

  • Hellfire Abomination has now 100% chance to drop 2 skill book
  • Peachblossom Ritualist has now 100% chance to drop 2 skill book
  • Blood of Wind and Fire (UCH) has now 100% chance to reward 20 War Avatar Pack Special
  • Silvery Flow (FSP) has now 100% chance to reward 20 War Avatar Pack Special
  • Crazy Stone (Morai) has now 100% chance to reward 10 War Avatar Pack Special
  • The NEW War Avatar Pack Special has increased rate for S and A cards
  • Nirvana Palace Normal Bosses drop now 12 boxes while Vanished Anchestor drops 30 items 
  • War Avatar Pack WebShop added to WebShop, drops only A and S cards

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