Posted by Reaver - 22/10/16 03:33AM - 1/52/53/54/55/5

Server has been updated to 1.5.4 version (Eclipse)


NEW Features :


  • New race Nightshade which brings 2 new classes Duskblade and Stormbringer 
  • New Starting Zone
  • New Rank 8 Equipment
  • Quest Optimizations
  • Heavenfall Tower
  • Battle for Treasure Island (xTW)
  • NEW Skill Interface
  • Star Chart
  • Quicksand Maze/Mirage Deserts Dungeons
  • Accesories socket stones
  • NEW Interface and improved graphics
  • NEW Venomancer pets and many more


Custom Changes:


  • Nirvana Keys prices increased to 9 milions one key
  • Option added to buy 10 keys at once
  • 99 Keys Boss drops now 200 items
  • Warsong Attendant can spawn Vile:Incarcerate a second time for the price of 70 Big Notes (test feature)


New Character Freebies:


  • New Characters start with 300.000 Reputation
  • New Characters start with free R9 gear (can be found in a box in inventory)
  • All Skills up to Aware Of Vacuity learned and up to level 10
  • Returned Warrior Pack LvL 5 (Once used it will give an lvl 15 pack and so on up to level 55)
  • DreamChaser Pack LvL 1 ( Once used it will give an lvl 10 pack and so on up to level 40)
  • Jones' Blessing
  • O'Malley's Blessing
  • 20 x War Avatar Pack New Character
  • 1 x Geo Map
  • 100 x Teleport Stone
  • 1 x Teleport Incense
  • 1 x Chest 1x Boots 1x Leggings 1x Weapon
  •  Full Unlock for Inventory, Item Storage, Fashion Storage , Pet Inventory etc.


To be able to connect please download the new full client from our download section

Thank you for your patience


Posted by Reaver - 18/10/16 10:26PM - 1/52/53/54/55/5

Hi there,

We will update the version to 1.5.3 WarFront in the next 1-2 days

  • TW maps will be reset in the new update so be sure you craft what u need before update

Until then please download the new 1.5.3 client from the following download mirrors



3. Torrent

Thank you for your patience


Posted by Reaver - 22/09/16 02:29PM - 1/52/53/54/55/5

  • Kills are counted by several parameters like level difference, time betwen kills and few others
  • Player can check their PvP points by typeing @checkpvppoints, ingame mail will be sent to the player with the ammount of their PvP points
  • Player can exchange their PvP Points by typeing @convertpvppoints, the system will exchange 10 PvP points for 5 Supply Tokens, command can be used just once every 1 hour
  • Kill messages show now K/D rate of the killer 
  • Player K/D in normal server it's different then the K/D in cross-server
  • Players cannot check or exchange PvP points in cross-server
  • PvP Ranking can be seen live at

Posted by Reaver - 08/09/16 11:06AM - 1/52/53/54/55/5

Please Run AbyssWarsPWLauncher.exe, then patcher (blue one) to update your client!


Game Version : 21


- Normal Nation War will be now on Thursday and Sunday Time: 20:20 gmt+0 Server Time
- X-Server Nation War will be now on Friday Time: 20:20 gmt+0 Server Time
- Normal Nation War map it's smaller now 24 Territories each Nation instead of 33 Territories each Nation
Imperal Seal expiration to 2 days instead of 6 days so it will be available only on Friday X-Server Nation War
Sunset Valley rewards for first places were recalculated also rewards were increased overall
- Changed Events text in Event Calendar for X-Server Sunset Valley, X-Server Nation War, Normal Nation War


PS: I'm sorry for the long maintenance but both my internet connections died in the middle of the update because of a storm...

Compensation: All players that logged in the last 30 days since 9-8-2016 received 100 game gold to compensate for the extended time of the update

Posted by Reaver - 17/08/16 05:49AM - 1/52/53/54/55/5

Please Run AbyssWarsPWLauncher.exe, then patcher (blue one) to update your client!


Game Version : 20


  • Normal Server Nation War added on Thursday 
  • Cross-Server Nation War will be Friday and Sunday
  • Cross-Server Nation War rewards increased
  • Territory War Map has been reset
  • Tiger Event Rewards Chests has been Doubled
  • Drake Certificate will reward 2x Endless Dragon-Emperor Chest (AEU)
  • All Lunar and Warsong molds are trade able now
  • Glory Force Pack will reward now 200 Supply Tokens instead of 100 (Sunset Valley CrossServer Event)

Services Updates:

  • added Nuema Tier 5 Unlock Service

Freebies Updates:

  • Online Hour Rewards gives now 1 Game Gold for each hour a player it's online

WebShop Updates:

  • Added Primal Blood to Special Category
  • Added Ironguard Powder to Special Category

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