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Freebies Update:

We added an additional pack for new characters that will be created from today on

- Returned Warrior Pack Lvl 5 (Once used will give an lvl 15 pack and so on up to level 55)

this pack its an addition to the freebies we already give on character creation

we are also giving 

DreamChaser Pack Level 1 (once used will give an lvl 10 pack and so on up to level 40)

Jones' Blessing Ticket 

- O'Malley's Blessing Ticket


PK Shield Changes:

As majority of players requested we did the following changes:

- Players can now decide if they want to PvP or not by using the PK switch found under Shield icon (top left)

- If players decide to switch off the PK shield or attack someone , PK shield cannot be enabled for 10 hours


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Freebies Changes:

We increased the vote rewards to a total of 12 gold per day (if player votes all 6 tops each 12 hours)

We add automated Trivia System which runs every hour with prizes in Game Gold


User Panel (read more here: User Panel):

With addition of User Panel we add more functionability to our website which includes:

- change password

- change email

- ingame services  

  1.  WebSite Gold to Game Gold
  2.  Change Cultivation
  3.  Reset Experience
  4.  Reset Spirit
  5.  Reset Stash Pass
  6.  Teleport Character

- automated donation system

- voucher system (for special events)

- webshop (contains alot of packs, guardian scrolls, blessings, fashion)


Live PvP Ranking:

We added a Live PvP Ranking, it can be found here: Live PvP Ranking

It comes with alot of options to see people kills, deaths, date, classes and level

The Live PvP Ranking has some new rules, specially made for it, players abusing the PvP Ranking will be punished accordingly

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We added the following on character creation:

- DreamChaser Pack Level 1 (once used will give an lvl 10 pack and so on up to level 40)

Jones' Blessing Ticket 

- O'Malley's Blessing Ticket


For the players who had already lvl 10+ characters in game we sent 3 ingame mails

which contain the above freebies

Players with characters with level lower then 10 can start a new character and receive the freebies instant


We also gave 5 gold to everyone who login in the past 2 days as compensation for the extended downtime



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We updated the Freebies Rewards to the following settings/rates


- Vote Rewards will give 2 gold per day if all 6 tops are voted each 12 hours

   (gtop can be voted just once hence it gives 200 credits)

- Online Hours Reward will give 14 silver for each hour players are online with a total of 3 gold and 36 silver for 24 hours


HINT: voting from multiple vote accounts/ip's can increase your gold income, gold can be then moved ingame to your main account trough ingame market

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Welcome to Abyss Wars Perfect World New Horizons,


Our vision:

  1. We want server settings to be like the original PWI settings, no custom edited items/maps/skills/levels
  2. We want to bring the original PerfectWorld experience back to private servers, thats why we decited to go for no customization in our server.
  3. The only thing that we might edit/adjust will be drops to make bosses/dungeons more interesting and of course fixing bugs but beside that we do not plan to add any customizations that aren't part of the original Perfect World settings


Server info:

  1. Max Level: 105
  2. EXP/SP: 10x (10x then original settings)
  3. Drops/Coins 2x (2x then original settings)


How to Connect:

  1. If you have 1.5.1 client just download and install our Patch in the folder of your 1.5.1 Perfect World Client
  2. Run AbyssWarsPWLauncher to be able to donwload the files necessary to connect to our server
  3. If you do not have an 1.5.1 Perfect World Client we are offering one in our download section



  1. At start the only freebie we have it is Gold/Silver rewards for each vote you do for our server in the top sites listed in our Vote Contol Panel, the system its simple and easy to use
  2. We are looking to add more freebies as we speak, we might need your feedback on that



  1. We are offering professional support trough our HelpDesk platform, we will answer and help all the players 24/7 so please use the Contact Us if necessary.
  2. Opening a ticket and asking for help trought the Contact Us Help Desk will solve your problem faster then waiting for an GM In game!!! so please use Contact Us HelpDesk
  3. Contact Us (HelpDesk) gives us the ability to communicate with each player on equal terms instead of having to scroll up/down the chat to be able to answer each question in game which will be time consuming/stressing and some players will feel offended by the times it takes for an GM to answer to his query
  4. Of course we will be present in game as GM's as much as the time allows us but not as much as some will expect


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