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Posted by Reaver - 15/11/16 11:20AM - 1/52/53/54/55/5

Please Run AbyssWarsPWLauncher.exe, then patcher to update your client!


Game Version : 7


  • Doubled Guild Material Ticket reward from Monolith's Quests (Should work properly now)
  • HeavenFall Tower in between main level rewards changed from Exp Pills to Astropira Pearls, Nebula Dust Orbs and Astrobana Pearls and War Avatar Card Packs
  • Terittory War Rewards changed, now it gives 5x Seal Of War instead of 1x Medal Of Glory for each Terittory owned
  • PvP System Rewards changed, now it gives 179x Element Spirit for each 10x PvP Points/Kills which equals 10x Game Gold
  • Fixed mobs spawns in Nightscream Island
  • All Fashion from Webshop has been moved to Boutique and removed from WebShop
  • Update icons for Ascension and Flame factions

Posted by Reaver - 08/11/16 06:34AM - 1/52/53/54/55/5

Please Run AbyssWarsPWLauncher.exe, then patcher to update your client!


Game Version : 6


  • Lowered exp needed to levelup character and pets, levelup should be faster now
  • Ancient Tome should not go over 105 level anymore
  • Fixed several quest and items that did not activate their skills (ex: Morai: Change Again,Inkdragon's Blood,Pill of Endless Sight and several others)
  • Fixed Mysterious Merchant Chip exchange quests
  • Fixed xNation War map image, size it's still the same BUT it will show the correct map image
  • Leave button from Sunset Valley event has been Removed
  • Doubled Guild Material Ticket reward from Monolith's Quests
  • Fixed Battle Bot and Battle Corgi skills, they can be evolved for better stats but skin will not change for now (work in progress)
  • King System has been disabled for now, having 4 faction in xNW and just 2 Kings wasn't fair, untill we find a better solution, it will be disabled


Posted by Reaver - 27/10/16 07:46PM - 1/52/53/54/55/5

Please Run AbyssWarsPWLauncher.exe, then patcher to update your client!


Game Version : 3


  • Fixed Judgement: Flowsilver Palace Bosses and all system messages are in english now
  • Judgement: Flowsilver Palace Bosses rewards are now x4 (does not apply to Shiny Flowsilver Coin and Starglade Chest)
  • Shadowskull Lich (Earth Boss Warsong City) spawns now 
  • All Bosses in Lunar and Warsong City drop their respective molds now
  • Fixed War Avatar Pack Special and War Avatar WebShop Rates
  • War Avatar WebShop drops only S cards now
  • Pets can be used by Duskblade and Stormbringer now
  • Oblivion Soup can be sold to NPC now
  • Order Of Blades, An Unexpected Gift, An Unexpected Gift (Member) (EU) can be completed just once per day/account
  • Reciprocity(Lv.85+) (Delta) can be completed just once per day/account
  • Vitality stones are fixed now and they show the original bonus
  • Potential Fix for Saving Summer Quest
  • HeavenFall Tower rewards quantities are x4 now
  • HeavenFall Tower system messages should be all in english now
  • Cultivaton starts now from Elder's Thinking quest, everything below has been disabled to avoid issues, considering we give free Avare of Vacuity Cultivation rank and 2 sparks
  • Challenge Another Enemy Coins has been removed from Attendant, boss cannot be spawn a second time after it's killed
  • The Skill Books 95+ that use to drop in Seat of Torment and Abbadon are dropping now in Judgement: Flowsilver Palace and Hiden Dragon Den (96, 306) 'Land of Buried Bones'
  • Potential fix for Battlebot Battle Pet missing skills
  • Fixed Endless Dragon-Emperor Chest Rates, as it was above 100%...skills drops should be randomized now
  • Fixed Thousand Streems, Archosaur and City of Lost missplaced NPC's
  • Fixed Sword Of Heroes Location (use to be inside of the stone sword and unclickable)
  • Auction Bidding has been re-enabled
  • New packs has been added to WebShop: Sky Fire Feather, Quicksilver Sky and Cloudflow Sunshine that contain the new stones for accesories


Posted by Reaver - 22/10/16 03:33AM - 1/52/53/54/55/5

Server has been updated to 1.5.4 version (Eclipse)


NEW Features :


  • New race Nightshade which brings 2 new classes Duskblade and Stormbringer 
  • New Starting Zone
  • New Rank 8 Equipment
  • Quest Optimizations
  • Heavenfall Tower
  • Battle for Treasure Island (xTW)
  • NEW Skill Interface
  • Star Chart
  • Quicksand Maze/Mirage Deserts Dungeons
  • Accesories socket stones
  • NEW Interface and improved graphics
  • NEW Venomancer pets and many more


Custom Changes:


  • Nirvana Keys prices increased to 9 milions one key
  • Option added to buy 10 keys at once
  • 99 Keys Boss drops now 200 items
  • Warsong Attendant can spawn Vile:Incarcerate a second time for the price of 70 Big Notes (test feature)


New Character Freebies:


  • New Characters start with 300.000 Reputation
  • New Characters start with free R9 gear (can be found in a box in inventory)
  • All Skills up to Aware Of Vacuity learned and up to level 10
  • Returned Warrior Pack LvL 5 (Once used it will give an lvl 15 pack and so on up to level 55)
  • DreamChaser Pack LvL 1 ( Once used it will give an lvl 10 pack and so on up to level 40)
  • Jones' Blessing
  • O'Malley's Blessing
  • 20 x War Avatar Pack New Character
  • 1 x Geo Map
  • 100 x Teleport Stone
  • 1 x Teleport Incense
  • 1 x Chest 1x Boots 1x Leggings 1x Weapon
  •  Full Unlock for Inventory, Item Storage, Fashion Storage , Pet Inventory etc.


To be able to connect please download the new full client from our download section

Thank you for your patience


Posted by Reaver - 18/10/16 10:26PM - 1/52/53/54/55/5

Hi there,

We will update the version to 1.5.3 WarFront in the next 1-2 days

  • TW maps will be reset in the new update so be sure you craft what u need before update

Until then please download the new 1.5.3 client from the following download mirrors



3. Torrent

Thank you for your patience


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